A Review Comparison of the OnePlus X vs Nexus 5X

Once a time the excitement was high as at the launch of the new Nexus phones but then there has been significant changes and Google has diligent competition for now OnePlus is a notable contender it has to deal with. The Nexus 5X is now on sale but the OnePlus X is rearing to burst into the scene, so now which should you buy? JustNaira takes a qualitative analysis of the OnePlus X versus Nexus 5X comparison via review.



For some time past, Google’s Nexus phones were notably the best value for your money as as to what you could honorably find on the smartphone market.

This time around, changes have occurred dramatically and now we have streaming lots of rivals offering handsets with decent specs for commendable prices. OnePlus is a name which we cant easily forget with its flagship devices both launching at amazing prices.

The flagship OnePlus 2 is barely N74,000 while the OnePlus X is even way cheaper starting at an attractive N61,000 not so a mighty problem here.

However the prices of Google’s Nexus have added weight over time and despite we can’t deny that the Nexus 5X is pretty good value for money, the cost becomes scary in face of the OnePlus X. It is yours starting at N103,700 so that over twice compared to the OnePlus.



The Nexus 5X going by the feel is much like a successor to the original, tracing the reason down to the fact that LG built both devices for Google. It possesses that similar soft rubbery plastic finish but this time with an increased rounded case which then you could get in three colours: Carbon, Ice and Quartz. Google’s latest phone is 7.9mm and with a weight of136g which is commendably compact for a fairly big phone.

The OnePlus X shares such similarity at 138g only that it is slightly thinner at 6.6mm. Since these don’t differ much from themselves , the notable difference comes between them in style as well as materials. Rather than plastic, OnePlus has shown preference for a very premium build starting with a brushed aluminum frame running round the edge. In addition to this, there is that dark bevelled glass it has on the front and back yet you can choose a ceramic model which however tends to be limited edition with just about 10,000 units.


While this option is only available at the end of a demanding 25-day process, it does weigh more at 160g even coming at increased cost at about N82,000. All the same, it is the OnePlus X leading with an intimidating design for reduced cost, but can the Nexus 5X resuscitate making a gasping comeback with hardware and software?


When you look at the Nexus 5X, you see that it has a slightly larger screen than its most recent ancestor at 5.2in, the idea behind OnePlus X is the reality that it is has a reduced size than the firm’s other phones at 5in. It is basically referred to as the OnePlus mini. Both will produce a Full HD resolution, and then the OnePlus X possesses a little-higher pixel density but then we can’t say it is a noticeable difference.


Both phones come along with 16GB of storage as standard while the Nexus 5X is available in a 32GB capacity, it only boasts of 2GB of RAM compared to the impressive RAM of the OnePlus X which comes at 3GB. Google still doesn’t make available expandable storage yet OnePlus blesses you with the convenience of inserting two SIM cards or even the use of just a slot for a Micro-SD card (up to 128GB) which we must say is way much a cheaper alternative of incurring more space.

Yet despite the OnePlus X having more memory along with a card slot, it employs the services of an older Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 processor which is outclassed by the Nexus 5X’s Snapdragon 808. The Nexus 5X also sports NFC, USB Type-C, 11ac Wi-Fi not excluding the fingerprint scanner which are all deficient in the OnePlus X. It largely entails more of a design feature but the the OnePlus X brings in an Alert Slider to your plate so you can at pace change your sound profile. Graduating to photography, both the Nexus 5X and OnePlus X have a 13Mp rear camera.

Well practically to say, it is 12.3Mp on the 5X but Google gives you 1.55µm pixels, a bigger f/2 aperture, dual- LED flash, IR laser-assisted autofocus as well as 4K video recording. Selfie fans might be lured here by the 8Mp front camera on the OnePlus X though with 5Mp available on the Nexus 5X. This is reasonably a big comeback by Google with a variety on the hardware line-up possessing greater superiority to the OnePlus X or even not there at all. The sad patch here is the deficiency of expandable storage which later turns up to be key for the user.


As you could have known, making a purchase of a Google Nexus phones is the same as getting the latest edition of Android and most definitely as it has been planned – so no additional bits, or varied design, not even bloatware in the kind of third-party apps. This could turn for a win for getting the Nexus 5X which is available pre-loaded with Android 6.0 Marshmallow alongside its latest features,for sure the Doze Mode is included for improved battery life.

OnePlus rather makes use of its indigenous Oxygen OS. It might seem not to share any closeness but it borrows a clue from Android 5.1 Lollipop currently and technically it is fairly near that you get with the Nexus sensation. It also makes it tastier with things like gestures which find application when the screen is off, a Dark Mode and Shelf which allows you to quickly access your most used contacts and apps.



• Cheaper

• Stylish metal and glass (or ceramic) design

• Dual-SIM/expandable storage

• More memory at 3GB

• 8Mp front camera


• Snapdragon 808 processor

• Fingerprint scanner

• USB Type-C


• 11ac Wi-Fi

• Stock Android 6.0 Marshmallow and future updates

OUR HUMBLE CONCLUSION Very well the Nexus 5X offers good worth for your money, it is not enough to elude the fact that the OnePlus X is yet a solid attraction for its cost. The design of the OnePlus is pretty alluring and it gives you expandable storage also, and then an identical screen along with decent cameras.

However, if things like the fingerprint scanner, NFC, the latest Wi-Fi and a faster processor are worth more to you, then very well the Nexus 5X isn’t bad paying extra for.

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