WhatsApp will now allow you to read and reply messages with Siri support on iOS

There are many times our eyes are not disposed to read our Whatsapp messages despite the urgency of such messages to be read and possibly replied. This is why the services of an assistant support like SiriKrit come in very handy. It was actually unfortunate that SiriKit was not really compatible with Whatsapp on our iPhones and generally on iOS.

Finally we have our relief as WhatsApp has beefed its iOS app up with updates. Among these updates being rolled out is improved support for SiriKit. So with this particular update in place, users can now deploy Siri support in tasks like reading out messages they have received. This would be of immense help not only those not disposed to looking at their phones (say they are driving) but as well helpful to those who are visually impaired.

Just in the normal way we know Siri to work, this one on Whatsapp is no different. You say the customary voice prompt “Hey Siri” and then direct it to read out fresh messages on WhatsApp. Not only reading out the messages, you could equally reply to them via the same Siri support. You can go to the App Store to reach the update but one requirement is to have iOS 10.3 and above.

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