It looks like we may have no iPhone 8 this year

The iPhone 7 and its rave is gradually dying down and iPhone gluttons are already looking forward to the next delicacy from Apple most likely the iPhone 8. Rumors have been filtering out though concerning the upcoming iPhone 8. As we know though Apple doesn’t officially make comments on such rumors. This doesn’t however invalidate the truthfulness of some of these rumors.

Of those possibilities we are picking up, Foxconn remains one of the most vibrant sources of these rumors. The latest rumor coming from Foxconn suggest that Apple is not really emphatic on releasing the iPhone 8 this year. This line of argument comes from sources inside Apple confirming that Apple only made placement of orders for iPhone 7s plus and its sister iPhone 7s units. Extensively, this means that Apple is just looking at refining and refurbishing the iPhone 7s this year and not majorly directing productive efforts at the a fresh iPhone 8.

While Foxconn has authority as a source of news on upcoming iPhone happenings, we can’t still be 100% sure of it. Similar rumors have popped up on the iPhone 8 not having a home button, having Type-C port as well as OLED screens. But one thing we can assure you from here is that Apple will definitely make a big show of its upcoming iPhone’s 10 anniversary. That one we know!

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