WhatsApp will be discontinued on BlackBerry and Nokia operating systems next year

Sometime at the beginning of this week, messaging service WhatsApp paraded its celebration of its seventh anniversary, popping loudly at its one billion active users, but the team exercised a measure of calculated patience till Friday night to let us on some not too pleasant news: the famous app will be discontinued on BlackBerry and Nokia devices with operating the OS of those companies.

WhatsApp will be discontinued on BlackBerry and Nokia operating systems by 2017

Yes, guess it would be shocking BlackBerry 10 is also included — sadly happening to be an operating system which last had its introduction on a new phone less than sixteen months ago. BlackBerry personally skipped past the OS when engineering the design of its latest flagship, the Android-powered Priv slider phone. In light of this, it wouldn’t be too surprising that principal developers in the likes of the Facebook-owned WhatsApp are dropping if off as a garbage too!

WhatsApp’s announcement also pertains to Nokia’s low-end S40 as well as S60 Symbian platforms, even including the older Windows Phone 7.1 and Android 2.2 operating systems. The discontinuity encountered on Nokia S40 stands to prompt a major fraction of users of older Nokia phones in developing countries in a bit of quagmire. WhatsApp officially suggests “upgrading to a newer Android, iPhone, or Windows Phone” should you choose to maintain usage of the service — if otherwise, there will be less options that trying your hands on another similar messaging service when the year runs off and the app will be officially get pushed off the older platforms.

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