Apple’s new 4-inch iPhone could be called the “iPhone SE”

It looks Apple has arrived at a decision as regards the name its soon-to-be-unleashed improved version of the iPhone 5S- would take on: the iPhone SE.

Apple's new 4-inch iPhone could be called the "iPhone SE"

Apple’s new 4-inch iPhone could be called the “iPhone SE”

Going by very eligible rumours floating around, Apple has reached its choice to abandon to the “5” from the new iPhone’s name preferring to wholly adopt letters. Sometime ago, news had it that the phone would be be named the iPhone 5SE, to present it as a “special edition” of the 5S, but then as it turned out it seems Apple is of the opinion that the name would rather introduce confusion. There is the possibility that Apple simply feels it comes at greater difficulty to procure sales of a model with “5” in the name at an interval coinciding with when the iPhone 6 and 6S are in circulation.

The iPhone SE is basically aimed at becoming an iPhone 5S with much more impressive specs. There is the strong aroma that it could have an A9 processor, just in likeness of the iPhone 6S, an 8 megapixel camera which is more improved, like the iPhone 6, then also a NFC for using Apple Pay and fingerprint scanner for Touch ID. It seems there may be very little deviations psychically to the body, which cuts across slightly curved edges along the phone’s glass as well as a power button to be seen off to the right. We strongly expect the phone to be announced at an event say by March 15th, in company of the new Apple Watch bands as possibly the smaller iPad Pro.

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