Snapchat brings Live Stories to the web for the first time

Some of us enjoyed the most entertaining Oscars coverage live on Snapchat, what made it more special this year is that I didn’t have inside Snapchat’s app so as to get the coverage; all I did was watch it all on the web!

Snapchat brings Live Stories to the web for the first time

Snapchat brings Live Stories to the web for the first time

Without much ado and publicity, Snapchat made a unique update to its website bringing on a means to view the Oscars’ Live Story online. This surely would mark the first time I have had the capacity to see snaps outside of the app, and to me I definitely feel this a giant stride if geared at increasing Snapchat’s accessibility (and even possibly more viral).

Snaps on the web are pretty much very easy to share

For now Snapchat hasn’t revealed information as to what functions its web player will take going forward — is it going to be present every day? Only strictly adapted to principal events? — this notwithstanding any time you get to see a snap on the web, it will now be at increased convenience to share with people who don’t visit the app on a regular basis. It also has the potential to contribute to the job of getting them hooked, so there is the bigger prospect we could come across a lot more in this kind.

Going to’s Live page is very identical to opening up a Live Story in the app. You could comfortably sit back and enjoy watching the curated series of snaps play through, serially: one after the other (although we should take note here that there is no means to tell the length of each snap or how long the story could last), and then you could click through to as to surf through individual videos and photos. We now have the pause button that most particularly pertains to the web version of Snapchat.

All I can say is enjoy!!

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