The incoming 45th president of the United States, Donald Trump awaits a digital transition by the White House from the departing Barack Obama’s administration. In an overview published by the White House, it explained vividly the way each White House social media account (handles like @VP, @POTUS and @FLOTUS) will be reassigned to Trump’s administration. With Obama being the first United States president to have a major effect on most of these apps, the order to which the app is supposed to function, so the White house dimmed it fit to develop its own.

When Donald Trump assumes @POTUS Twitter account, the switch over will take place on Inauguration Day: January 20th. Announced by the White House, the account followers (over eleven million) will transfer to the next Oval Office occupant. In order for the 45th president to start afresh, tweets have to be zeroed. Therefore, President Obama’s @POTUS tweet history will be transferred to a new account @POTUS44.

Donald Trump has made it clear of his intention to continue tweeting using his personal account @realDonaldTrump the moment he is sworn into office.
The @POTUS handle function is not known for now since the president Donald Trump is not required to actually use it. With regard to Facebook and Instagram, all post from the White House current pages will be cleared, but followers count will be left.

The content from the Obama administration will be moved to instagram.com/ObamaWhiteHoue and facebook.com/ObamaWhiteHouse. According to the White House, all other platforms like Youtube and Tumblr will follow aforementioned order.
The Obama’s administration is keyed on three goals to make the transition of the social media account:

PRESERVE EVERYTHING (TWEETS,FACEBOOK POST, SNAPS E.T.C.) WITH THE NATIONAL ARCHIVES AND RECORD ADMINISTRATION. According to the White House’s deputy chief digital officer, Kori Schulman “All of the material we have published online will be preserved with NARA just as previous administrations have done with records ranging from handwritten notes to faxes to emails,” NARA will have to preserve at maximum quality all published photos and videos which will be handed over to them by the administration.

The White House wants to make sure that everything remains and are easily reached in time to come. i.e Youtube video remains on Youtube, Instagram photos remain on Instagram.

PASS ON ALL DIGITAL “ASSETS” to the next administration.
This implies that all the White House accounts will be passed to the next administration. Due to 470,000 petitions on tools we the people, the next president is not mandated to keep using it. The white house has looked into it with a view that he or she will move it forward.

On January 20th Obama’s WhiteHouse.gov website will be suspended and moved to a separate domain, giving room to a new WhiteHouse site for the Trump’s administration to come. The white house giving a claim to the downloadable availability (via zip archives) of its social media activities. Its giving an opportunity to the public to get those eight years worth of content

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