Samsung vows to uncover why its Note 7 failed

Investigative findings on the aforementioned Galaxy note 7 exploding battery will be revealed as announced by Samsung.

A press conference is to be held in Seoul, South korea on Monday January 23rd at 10 AM. A live stream will be run for English speakers at 8PM ET on Sunday January 22nd due to difference in time.

Back in September, it was first declared publicly that the phone was prone to overheating and battery explosion weeks after it went on sale accompanied by reports of battery connected cases. This led to millions of people returning their phones, a FAA-mandate flight ban, and a convoluted return policy process that showed Verison still attempting to brick active note 7 product. Following the confusion, Samsung has managed to give an obscure and sketchy answers with respect to the actual reason to this problem, reports showing the company hasn’t delivered a vivid reason despite the general complains by the public.

A statement delivered by the company reads “ Samsung Electronics, as well as independent expert organizations who conducted their own investigations into various aspects of the Galaxy Note 7 incidents will share their findings. Samsung will discuss the findings of the investigations and unveil new measures Samsung has implemented in response to the incidents. The English live stream can be watched at ”.

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