Tutorial: How can I rotate video on Android phone

There exist a difficulty which seamlessly exist without our conscious effort to get a solution to it. I guess you might be wondering what it is all about, it is a fight against not knowing how to properly use our android devices in video orientation. Most of us get our videos going either sideways or short portrait view when expected to go the other way as videoed.

If you are experiencing such, alas! The solution is here on how to properly rotate that video.

Its common that during the video shoot, the phone’s video orientation did not rotate. With this, the video ends up sideways i.e you made the video positioning your hand in a portrait mode, then for some unknown reasons, the videos orientation is in landscape.
In other cases, the video recording was done while the phone was rotated. Yet, the videos orientation did not change. The shocking idea here is that, you will have to trim it in order to rotate the video. Rotating a video halfway is almost impossible.

One way for us to solve this problem is to employ the use of Google’s photo app for this tutorial. If you don’t readily have the app installed on your device, you can readily download it via google play store, its completely free.

Once downloaded, you will have to set your back up and sync settings firstly since it’s your first time. It has a default setting and it is perfectly okay: unlimited uploads are free and are at “high quality”, upload only via wi-fi. To begin your video orientation, after getting the set up done, proceed to the video you desire to rotate.

When the video is opened, be sure that it will play automatically, you can pause it. Click on the pencil icon(edit) on the screen of your phone by tapping it.

After clicking the pencil icon, the photos edit menu will be loaded. You can trim the video right there-make use of the slider on the thumbnails right below the video image.
After successfully trimming the video. There is a button at the bottom of the screen that reads “Rotate.” click it.

After tapping the button, the video automatically rotates, just keep tapping the button until the orientation is okay. Once satisfied, click the save button located at the right corner to save.

it will take just a few seconds to save. It will save it as a copy, not replacing the original- and you are done. As you can see your video is rightly oriented and perfect.

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