See how Google is planning to help you search even when the network is bad

The ability of goggle has constantly experienced one flaw or the other: displeasing connections. Due to bad mobile signals, taking up a quick search could prove difficult and thereby leading to frustration. Overtime, nothing has been done to solve this issue. Officially, Google has brought out an “offline search” feature to convey your search when a good signal comes or is made available.

The offline search works in this order. Once a search is run under low signals, the search app queues up your queries till when you return online. Immediately google performs the search in the background, a notification informing you of your search results will be sent. The advantage here is that it saves time, no impact on battery and no extra data is been consumed i.e the same data needed for a normal search.

You can actually see any pending search and wipe them out at any time via the “manage searches” section in the hamburger menu. In order to harness this great future, make sure you are on the newest google app

version. if not, you could download via APK mirror

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