We Are Made To Dominate, Rule & Subdue The Universe

I just want to remind us today that God created Man to dominate, rule and subdue the universe. So, why do you keep suffering? Why do you keep living in penury? Why do you still living in failure? Hmmmm.

“Multiply and fill the earth and subdue it. Be master over everything”
Genesis 1:28.

The plan of God for man is for man to:
Take Charge
Fill the Earth
Be responsible…….


God’s plan for our life is so much that I can’t define it. But yet we suffer, we are financially broke, we are a failure and the rest.

My word for everyone reading this today is that we are the one responsible for anything that keeps happening to our lives every day. Are you wondering how? Yes.

God has made us and given each one of us something good to dominate and rule the whole universe, but we refuse to make use of it. Most people keep murmuring everyday that they are not good or having the ability to succeed. “Everything has its beauty but not everyone sees it”. Confucius. I want to tell you vividly today that ideas and opportunities are floating around every corner of the universe looking for body to possess, but whenever they look at the mind and body they want to possess, they see negativity which won’t allow them to enter.

Your mind is a great determinant of what you will be. “Fear explains why millions of people accomplish little and enjoy little”. David Schwartz.

If you have a vision and dream to start something but your mind keep telling you that you’re going to fail or fearing to fail, please don’t heed to it instead keep affirming to your subconscious everyday and every minute positive words that you’re a unique being created to dominate, rule and subdue the universe.

Finally, I know this short piece is for someone who is ready to leave that uncomfortable zone to that dreamed comfortable zone. So if you’re the one am talking about, just be calm. Even if you present is turbulent am telling you if you can work on your mind and belief, you future will be filled with success. So today, I want you to open your eyes, mind and understanding to those ideas floating around. Those ideas and opportunities cannot exist on their own, they need you like wise you cannot make it without them. Open the door of your mind with positivity so that opportunities and ideas can enter & dwell in your body and you will turn successful.

N:B << >> 1. No matter how great or how big a man dream is, if he refuses to take action at the appropriate time, they will become obsolete and die.
2. You cannot expect God to do for you what you can do for yourself.
3. We can’t say procrastination is just a thief of time, but it is also the thief of joy, greatness, happiness, life etc…

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