Use Your Computer To Browse The Internet Free Of Charge

I want to introduce to you an internet proxy software that will allow you to browse the internet without paying. This means that you will browse free with your computer with this java application, this java application is very small in size, it is less that 1mb in size. This java application is called INDIAN WEB PROXY. You might have heard of it before, but I want to give you the latest configuration. This software can work with the major network providers in Nigeria (MTN, ETISALAT,GLO and Airtel). This software can download at an average speed of 30kb/s on gprs and edge while it download as much as 350kb/s on 3g and 3.5g network.

Before you can use this software, you will need:
1. The software itself (Indian Web Proxy). You can download it HERE
2. A java runtime software . You can download it HERE

These are the main thing you will need for this software to run and work.
After downloading those software’s, install the java runtime software, after the installation open the india web proxy software. The software is in zip format; unzip the folder to your desktop. Open the folder and locate the java application (India web proxy). Run the java program and click on settings, it should bring a dialogue box that look like this:

log level(0-3) : 3
max buffer size : 9080
Http proxy host ip :
ssl proxy Host IP :
https server_443 IP :
https server_8443 IP :
https server_443 port : 420
https server_8443 IP : 421
http proxy port : 6050
ssl proxy port : 6051
(php)web server IP : or use
(php)web server port : 80#443
(php) file full URL : ( This is a paid server, it will only work for a limited time)
organization proxy host :
organization proxy port : 8080
organization proxy user name : web
organization proxy password : web
Note untick the enable encryption
then save and close

After this, go to your browser and change the browser settings to
Http proxy: port: 6050
Ssl proxy: port: 6051
Fill the remaining protocol with with port: 6050.

Your computer should now browse if you properly configure it.
N.B: The configuration above work very well with Mtn as at the time of writing this post and it work perfectly with indian web proxy V1 and V2

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