Monetize Your Blog or Website and Start Making Money Online

Are you finding it difficult to monetize your blog or website? If yes, a solution is awaiting you before you finish reading this post. If you are already making money from your blog, then sit back and read this post, you can still gain something from it.

The reason why some people don’t make money from their blog or website is not that they don’t know how to monetize their blog or website but because they don’t have a business model to follow.
Some might have tried some type of online businesses model but failed in the long run because they could not stand the test of time or they doesn’t make money from the website.

After much research and experience on the internet, I was able to discover some online business that work very well for me and others. Below are the list of businesses I will recommend for you that you can easily practice online with your website and blog.

1. Selling Advertising Space
2. Affiliate Marketing
3. Pay Per Click and Pay Per Impression
4. Selling Softwares, E-book and Other Services Online

Selling Advertising Space:

This is a situation whereby you advertise other people product & services and website on your blog or website at a price you like. But before you can start making money from this means, you must have gotten a lot of traffic for your website/blog.

Affiliate Marketing:

This is another means to make money online, what you will need to do here is to sign up with a website that will allow you to sell other peoples products or services. You will be paid a certain commission on every sale you make on the product or services. You can join some of this website to start an affiliate marketing business. Clickbank, Amazon, CJ etc.

Pay Per Click and Pay Per Impression:

This involves the placing of ads of a company on your website. You get paid each time the ads get clicked by a visitor to your website or blog. You may be paid on PAY PER CLICK basis or on PAY PER IMPRESSION basis. Pay per click means you get paid each time the ad is click by visitors. Pay per impression means you get paid whenever an ad generates 1000 impression on your website. Here are some good paying advertising programs you can try on your website include Google Adsense, Addynamo, Bidvertiser, Chitika.

Selling Softwares, E-book and Other Services Online:

This is the easiest and reliable way to make money. This involves the selling of digital products like e-books, softwares, manuals and rendering of services. With this method, you can make a residual income online monthly with little or no capital. All you need to start this business is to get a good product that others will be willing to pay for and start selling on your website or blog. You can also make money online by rendering services such as website or blog design, helping others to create stunning e –book covers and many more.
With this few write up, I hope you should now start your online business with the model you love most.

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