Unravelling the juicy changes Opera is bringing to Android

Opera is bringing on a very big update to its Android version. The app has essentially been sophisticated with a new design from the scratch. What we have now is built from Android’s material design. The look it has now can be confidently said to be “fresh” and “modern”, dragging from what the company boasts.

Examining the juicy changes Opera is bringing to Android

So what you will now observe on the start page is Speed Dial appearing on the left of the carousel. And then on the right, you have your news feed. Good, so in the case where you maintain a swiping action, you will then navigate through your topics (favorite). From there you could tap the “+” so as to go about configuring these. There is a reader mode on the news feed. You can activate this in Settings, this will enable websites to be as neat as possible.

Examining the juicy changes Opera is bringing to Android

Good, so the person icon which you see in the bottom right will lead you straight to your personal corner of the browser. When you get there, you will see the collection of pages which you had saved for the purpose of offline viewing, even your history, your bookmarks,, and then your downloads. You have the juicy option of signing in so as to sync your bookmarks, Speed Dial, history and even tabs across your multiple devices.

Examining the juicy changes Opera is bringing to Android

The presence of the three dots menu you see in the top right gives you the avenue to with ease, turn data savings off and on. Such that you can conveniently from there add a Android home screen or a site to your Speed Dial. From this menu, you can also reach the browser’s settings equally.

Looking at the new changes

This very fresh version will be gradually rolled out through the Google Play Store – so in the case where you don’t really have it as at now, just chill, in no time say some days from now, you will see it. Opera is not resting at all, in time to come , Opera for Android will bring on options to switch between normal layouts and tablet layouts, even changing the news feed language, and then choosing a separate download folder.


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