On Monday, Twitter will live stream the US presidential debates

The US is the world’s super power, no doubts. It can be well said the US is the capital of planet earth. Any major decision taken in the White House in one way or the other affects the size of the spoonful we put inside our mouths in the nook and crannies of Ajegunle. Thus US politics is international politics, with the whole world watching the political drama between the US “Abacha” the daring wonder of Donald Trump and Hilary Clinton who wants to make Bill Clinton the unprecedented US First Gentleman.

On Monday, Twitter will live stream the US presidential debates

Twitter is continuing its push into live events and TV with the announcement it will be live-streaming the US presidential debates. As with the company’s streams of the US NFL football games, the live video will be presented to us in convoy of curated tweets, and the live stream event should be up on numerous Twitter apps among which is even Apple TV. You can catch the live stream event on the web at debates.twitter.com.

So Twitter is understanding the international reputation of the first debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. Thus it will be live streaming the presidential debate. The debate will be holding on Monday, September the 26th, and then the vice presidential debate between Mike Pence and Tim Kaine will be taking place on October 4th, with the second and third presidential debates holding by October 9th and October 19th. The streams come as constituent of Twitter’s partnership with Bloomberg Television, with the stream to come after analysis from members belonging to the Bloomberg Politics team who will still be running another analysis after the Presidential debate.

This is commendable as some persons here in Naija have been able to live stream the US NFL at the beginning of this month. Well I think Twitter should just work on the app before Monday as sometimes it is really slow when it comes these live streaming activities.

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