Snapchat company will now be called Snap Inc., rolls out Spectacles

Snapchat is taking it big this time, hitting us with two hefty pellets of news. The first one Snapchat bombarded us with is that the company who runs Snapchat will be making official changes to its name; moving on from Snapchat Inc. to just Snap Inc. The motivation that gave birth to this is that as at the time the company had its launch,Snapchat was primarily its sole product but fast forward to today, they have successfully diversified thus it becomes reasonable to change the name to a new one possibly.

Snapchat company will now be called Snap Inc., rolls out Spectacles

Now talking of branching out, Snap Inc. had made an announcement of its second product, and this will be called Spectacles. Spectacles as we have it are a pair of sunglasses which are sophisticated with built-in video camera in them sporting a 115 degree view. Also in this spectacular design, we have an LED indicator that lets others know you are recording. This spectacles has the capacity to record up to a 10 second videos, which can now be transferred over to your smartphone via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth , from there you can save it in the Snapchat app.

Snapchat company will now be called Snap Inc., rolls out Spectacles

One very distinct feature of the Spectacles is that it has the amazing ability to record videos in circular format. This way you could play them in the app and in the instance where you make them fullscreen, they will now fill up the whole display. One thing that really catches my interest as regards this is that irrespective of the position at which you hold your phone, the video will not change from being stationary filling up the whole display. It resembles having a landscape or portrait window to the world. You know it doesn’t really matter the shape of the window, the view will not change either.

The Spectacles is presented in three various colors; and Snapchat now Snap.Inc is asserting the battery life is will keep you up for about 24 hours worth of snaps on just one charging. You will now deploy the case that comes with the glasses in charging them.

As of now, the company has not announced when we will be having Spectacles and we don’t really know the price as at now.

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