Teaser reveals Xiaomi’s soonest smartphone will sport a dual-camera setup,

Xiaomi is slowing creeping into the African market particularly the Nigerian smartphone market. As you know it, Xiaomi is the world’s 4th largest smartphone maker. And not really just smartphones, Xiaomi produces and sells laptops, mobile apps, as well as related consumer electronics.

Teaser reveals Xiaomi's soonest smartphone will sport a dual-camera setup,

Xioami of late have been ramping sumptuous pressure on Lenovo in the smartphone market and now it is rolling out a fresh teaser for its new coming smartphone. The teaser image which was released had revealed that the phone will sport a dual camera setup.

If you don’t know, the Chinese company has formally arranged a product launch event tomorrow; there we expect the Mi 5S to be officially unveiled.

If you remember sometime in July, rumors popped up that the Mi 5S will be rocking a dual rear-camera setup. But then since that time till now, rumours have saturated our ears that the handset will have a 16MP rear unit.

Xiaomi had made a judicious statement at the end of December 2014, when the Chinese company fully assumed the status of the world’s most valuable technology start-up. This was after it acquired US$1.1 billion funding from investors, this funding gigantically raised Xiaomi’s valuation to over US$46 billion.[17

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