OneDrive for Android will now allow you create Office files

Just in case you don’t know One Drive is the free online storage that is associated with your Microsoft account. And now OneDrive just added a very helpful feature on Android devices and as at now OneDrive is already gathering interests from those who regularly do things with Office files.

OneDrive for Android will now allow you create Office files

In face of this update for the OneDrive client which has been released for Android, a wholesome chunk of users who make use of the free as well as the paid edition of the app enjoy some juicy addition of now having the capacity to create Office files. This very update comes some months following Lenovo and Microsoft getting into a deal to go about preloading OneDrive, Office as well as Skype apps on Lenovo’s Android devices. Considering this dedicated drive on the part of Microsoft to push OneDrive to a larger number of devices, it seems that Microsoft does not have the intentions of abandoning the features available to its present customers.

When you have this update installed, users will now gain the ability to create Excel, Word, PowerPoint files even without the services of a computer, rather using only OneDrive on their Android device following this by saving them in the cloud.

This capacity to very conveniently create files is surely going to ignite delightful interest from users who make use of the file-hosting service from Microsoft pertaining to their small businesses. As such find it vital to share data as well as information at no delay with their associates. The feature is also be accessible for that category of users enjoying the free edition of OneDrive and can store 5 GB of data.

Also as much as creating Office files on Android, this update will also give users the avenue to maintain watch on how people edit them after accessing them. This is very realistic owing to the fact that Microsoft has also brought on a notification feature in the update. Such that when you have this feature, the person who had done the creation of the file will get notification when another user gets in touch with the file and modifies it.


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