At Last, Uber Launches Real Windows Phone App

We could now heave a lengthy sigh of relief as Uber has finally launched (for the second time) its Windows phone app. The earlier version was more suited to the Uber mobile site, prompting its withdrawal of the Windows Phone Store. Transport services could now be accessed from the native software more accommodating to Windows phone.


The firm having its location at San Francisco announced its official debut “Previously, Windows Phone users accessed Uber through our mobile site, but starting today, users can connect through a native app that is optimised for the Windows Phone platform and reflects the complete Uber experience.”

This app which could be downloaded from the Windows Phone Store is one extra feather on Microsoft’s digital cap as they strive to keep app pace with Android devices and iPhones. Users could now select their pick-up locations as well as their preferred Uber cars from their app and get moving. Payment is credit card enhanced with a receipt transferred to your email upon your delivery to your destination. Spicing this development with generosity, the company is offering Lumia users two rides FREE!

One sad loophole in this service though is the absence of fare slipping provision on the app as to shared fares between ride companions as the Windows Phone app is yet to make availability for fare quotes, though this addition has been promised within the next 30 days.

Uber services are accessible in more than 150 cities spanning 41 countries. ENJOY.

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