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Few months ago, I shared a post on the best data plan to use on Android. In that post, I suggested Airtel Blackberry Plan since it’s affordable and also work across non-BlackBerry devices.

But to my astonishment 🙄 ! Airtel introduced Android Bundles (1st of it kind among the telecommunication networks in Nigeria).

The beauty of Airtel Android data plan is that it works on any kind of device.

According to Airtel, ‘The Android Bundles are designed to help you get more from your Android device. With the Android bundle you will never have to worry about how much data you consume.’

The Android Bundle is a hit for nocturnal internet users especially, as it allows them to enjoy browsing at a more affordable rate at night.

Airtel Android data plans are in two category. One is for N2,000 while the other is N3,500. Below is the details:

Plan Data
(Peak/Off Peak)
Burn Rate USSD
Android 2.0 Bundle 2GB 2,000 6 a.m. – 9:59 p.m. 1.5 kobo/ KB *437# 30 days
10 p.m. – 5:59 a.m. 1 kobo/ KB
Android 4.5 Bundle 4.5GB 3,500 6 a.m. – 9:59 p.m. 1.5 kobo/ KB *438# 30 days
10 p.m. – 5:59 a.m. 1 kobo/ KB

To check you data balance, simply dial *223#.

After purchasing any of the Airtel Android data plans and your device refuse to connect, try this:

  1. Check that you have the right APN settings –
  2. Check that your mobile data connection is turned on
  3. Contact Customer Service on 121 if you have other questions.

Expecting other networks to roll out this feature…..

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