Twitter’s user numbers are growing again

Twitter is getting a having a good time this year, both from a business perspective and also in the increase of the number of people on its user base.

While reporting of the earnings of the first quarter of 2018, the company revealed that it expects more profit all through the year which will be a comeback for a public company that has experienced losses for four years. Last quarter was the first time Twitter posted its quarterly profit.

Twitter also added 6 million new monthly users in the last quarter. Last time it had this much users was in 2015, in recent times it has only added 2 million monthly users or lesser and probably lost some users in some periods.

The growth of Twitter is international. Only about 1 million of those new monthly users are residents in the US. Twitter’s monthly users in the US have remained the same since the past year and although the overall growth is not that fast, Twitter is still growing by 3 percent per year and the number of this past quarter shows that the product changes made by the company has a way of getting people to return to the platform.

Twitter has fought with a lot of issues over the past few years such as slow user growth, rampant harassment issues, and difficulty making money and especially the perpetual problem with new users having no clue of how to use its network. Product changes have been slow; and in spite of the key investments in video, no one really cares about Twitter video

Even though user growth is showing signs of a turn around, frequent Twitter users will still be the first to say that the company has a long way to go in dealing with harassment and reporting issues.

Twitter does not reveal a lot of changes it’s made on those fronts in its note to shareholders, although it does say that changes to its API have resulted in decreased spam. During the first quarter of the year, Twitter says it removed 142,000 apps using tis API that violated developer rules and were responsible for 130 million “low-quality” tweets in just that period of three months.

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