New Snap Spectacles will be announced later this week

According to the report reaching us from our sources, there is a new updated version of Snap’s wearable Spectacles that will be released in this coming week. However, there is more or less no actual information as to what the second-generation smart glasses might look like or the distinguishing features between them and the original models of Spectacles.

In the past month, one of our sources reported that Snap was doing some work on two new versions of Spectacle wearable cameras:  a more modest upgrade that would offer bug fixes, improved performance, and new colors, and also a more radical update that would feature two camera lenses and could amount to about $300. Earlier this month, the FCC published some documents for a wearable video camera from Snap Inc. with “Spectacle” and “Model 002” branding, and it was the published documents that made it clear that the less sophisticated yet upgraded model was on its way.

The original Spectacles of Snap did for some time experience a good feedback in terms of sales at the time they were first launched mostly as a result of the fact that there was a viral hype that accompanied them as well as a gradual release of the colourful, Snapchat-enabled video glasses produced by Snap. However, that early hype that came with it did not quite graduate into a success of a long term this is because in the end, the company was left with a whole lot of unsold units of Spectacles which in real money value got to a total of $40 million loss in unsold inventory.

In an interview the CEO of Snap, Evan Spiegel says that hardware is holding augmented reality back, he then added that “we can still move forward at a really fast pace empowering very advanced augmented reality products within Snapchat.”

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