Microsoft working on Windows 10 Lean edition for devices with less storage

Microsoft’s next version of Windows 10 which is at the moment codenamed Redstone 5 will include a new “Lean edition” intended for devices with less storage space. Reports from our sources say that the new edition will be offered to OEMs to load onto low-cost laptops and tablets. Furthermore, the report stated that the new edition will be available for devices with 16GB of storage and it is designed mainly to make sure that these machines still receive Windows updates.


According to the reports reaching us from our sources, references to the Lean edition in the latest publicly released Windows 10 test build (17650) have been discovered, and at the moment it is at a stage where the install cuts around 2GB of storage space. Microsoft is working out a way to reduce the storage space needs by getting rid of components that will most of the time not be needed on the low-end devices such as the Internet Explorer and other legacy desktop apps. Even regedit has been removed and the company is still looking to remove as many as it can find.

There are a lot of existing 16GB of storage devices that struggle to update to the latest Windows 10 updates. Consumer more often than not load on apps, media, and files that prevent Windows Update from having the necessary free space to upgrade to feature updates of the operating system. On this note, we are expecting to get more information as regards to the Windows 10 Lean edition and Microsoft’s plans for the future of Windows 10 at the company’s Build developer conference in the early part of May 2018.

The Windows 10 Lean edition is similar to the classic Windows OS, “just streamlined so that it better fits on devices with smaller internal storage.” According to the report, Windows 10 Lean will not remove support for legacy apps, meaning it will still have full Win32 app support. It is not a part of Windows Core OS and it will not run on Andromeda.

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