Twitter to make money from its 500 million logged-off users

Discontent is no longer a vice. If Oliver Twist had asked for more in this new world, he wouldn’t be perceived as stubborn. Not having enough is the quickest way to having enough. Of course people and brands are getting gluttonous, no brand wants to watch its weight, all are looking for an obese success. And this is it. Success is never a threatened species, the more you hunt it, the more abundant it becomes!

Thus businesses are very free to expand, it is no sign of greed of discontent when they want more than the plenty they have on their table already. No, it is just a sign that they don’t want to be kings, they simply want to be emperors; they don’t want kingdoms, they simply want empires. And this is virtue!

Twitter has decided now to expand its revenue source by making money from logged-off users, they are no longer satisfied with just logged-in users. A lot of visitors ranging into millions who access Twitter’s news, events, and entertainment updates through who access tweets through Google search, its home page, form a large bulk of Twitter’s biggest missed revenue opportunities.


Now the company is nursing the intentions to raise income from people who do not log in. Going by an estimate, about the range of 500 million people view and enjoy Twitter content every month without ever having to log in. While these visitors had been rightly classified as a promising revenue stream time past, it hasn’t been long ago when the the company policy makers had really decided to clamp on them as an oil well.


“We also are monetizing logged-out users across the network. This is the first time that we’ve been doing that. It’s going to come in handy as we also begin to run a pilot here in Q4 for on-Twitter logged out monetization,” COO and revenue chief Adam Bain was quoted as saying. I am not surprised about this, a lion will never be a vegetarian, you can’t expect a lion to spare game right at the doorpost of its den. Similarly Twitter would never let log-offed users escape, they are just too nutritious and close to let go.

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