Facebook Looking At Buying And Selling: As Buying and Selling Portal is Spotted

The engineers of Facebook are not hanging their boots any time soon. The social media platform has embarked in an alarming expanse of diversification.

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Facebook is increasing the menu list of what you can enjoy on the platform as these days just as slow and steady is not the best again, so is a master of all no longer a master of none.

Mark Zuckerberg and his accomplice team of engineers are trying to kidnap users inside the app with an engrossing user experience. They look bent to extend Facebook’s capabilities some good miles beyond the social network’s initial boundaries – from the start when it was just digital assistants extending far into the modern virtual reality – and now there are indications that they may be aiming at giving a shot at buying and selling arena as well.

A good number of users have recently noticed a new Local Market feature which was well located inside the Facebook app. This feature could possibly allow you the user to buy and sell goods in your local area. As at the time being, there has been no official news emanating from Facebook and it looks like the Local Market feature is at its infant stages of testing at present.

On the long run, it could end up as a masculine and emboldened competitor to eBay, Etsy, Amazon, Craigslist and other related sites – without restriction to environment, you can buy and sell stuff with your neighbours. On the other hand, Facebook could probably forsake it entirely should these early trials fail to measure up reasonably to expectations.

Buyer (and seller) beware The Local Market page from what it seems already is built on top of an already in-place local Facebook groups where purchase and sales of items have been going on for some time now – so we can’t really say it is that “new” feature but maybe as a developed means of finding these pages, made whole with improved search and organisation.

Among the categories which were signaled out by testers is music, autos, property, e, DIY, clothes and beauty. Irrespective of what is your interest – or what you need attended to – it looks as though Local Market will bring in your relief. Of course expect to get the full gist here when Facebook makes the feature official.

If this happens ( as or Facebook making this official) , then the reasons to keep Facebook installed on your phone gets increased in addition to those almost silly status updates and photo posts from people having a much refreshing and envious time than you probably are.

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