Don’t Panic Android Users: The Taco Emoji Will Soon Come

Some time at the beginning of this week, iOS and Mac users were immersed in pools of joy at the introduction of the taco emoji, which is only one of a number of fresh emoji that were included to the operating systems using a software update. But rather on the sad end for android users, Android users are disabled at present from accessing this emoji, something that surely is a big set-back which we can’t deny. The news which should get us preparing our bottles for celebrations soon is that the senior VP of Android has announced that more emoji will be rolled out soon, but what is still demoralizing yet is that the time for this to be introduced we can’t really say yet.

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Some few nights ago, Hiroshi Lockheimer tweeted that he has gotten knowledge of the feedback promising that Google has appropriated hands on it so we should be expecting such reality soon — but at the time of occurrence of this proposed development, there is no affixed date yet. But then in the optimistic side, it is cool to have the hope of emoji coming in soon for android users as a day without taco emoji is not really complete yet.

Of course Apple just recently has rolled out a red hot edition of its operating system which really combines a good number of new emoji, this has introduced envy in many Android users as they feel disadvantaged that they couldn’t see them. It is thus comforting that the cries of Android users have not fallen on ears with headphones, Google has been attentive to hear them, And as Hiroshi Lockheimer who occupies the position of senior VP of Android has reached out in a tweet.

So I have a feeling y’all want new emojis? a) Thanks for the feedback, b) We’re on it, and c) Sorry!

— Hiroshi Lockheimer (@lockheimer)

Very evidently, we can’t rightly appropriate a timeline for this change or possibly the road about which Google would journey to bring home as traveling bread the new emoji to Android. If they come as a feature in say an updated version of Android, then it is quite logical to say that this could exhaust reasonable time for them to gain popularity, and then when this occur, it is not a free-to-air party as those users with the still leave those with older Android devices out of the fun. All the same, it is really relieving to see that at least Google is responsive to users, and as such has pledged to deliver every user those new emoji in a best time possible.

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As earlier said, this week iPhone and iPad owners were given more reasons to smile, as they were dished with a complete fresh set of emoji which came with the iOS 9.1. This distinctively announces another Unicode update (8.0) iOS users will now relish while Android stay in the corridors of the event hall waiting for their turn to celebrate. Android users are employing patience as they wait on the diversity themed Unicode 7.0 update which will allow the user the capacity to choose skin color on select emoji. Practically, iOS now officially has every all of its emoji ever created, tracing back to Unicode 1.1 dated at 1993 — not even one has been excluded (in spite of a decision to expel the gun emoji).

Android users? Hmmm, it was quite disappointing that in face of anticipating the latest firmware arrive (Android 6.0 Marshmallow), we were seemingly let down to realize that less has really been done on making the new Unicode 7.0 or now, the 8.0 emoji compatible. What this means is that anytime someone makes a post with the new emoji say on social media or even on messaging apps excluding WhatsApp, Android users were met with a blank box or nothing at all.

We will soon get this fixed however, even soonest. Cheers!

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