Introducing The S7: Samsung’s Incoming Wonder

Glucose is a sure “item-7” when it comes to the cinema of technology, because great energy is expended in those extended applauds, you barely sit from clapping for what Apple brings out, before Samsung brings its out and before you have the space to sit from the second applaud, HTC dishes theirs out and then Sony punches you with theirs, so that it is not even weird when you take hand gloves to a launch of a surprise tech product as you could end up peeling your palms with those “waooh” claps!

Accordingly we have barely gotten the chance to recover our breath from the Samsung Galaxy S6 and we are already catching the wind of the incoming S7! One thing that maintains the buzz surrounding this galaxy products is the seeming unpredictability of what Samsung is up to next, the curtains separating its kitchen from the audience is sewn with very thick hides and as such we could only smell but not see what is cooking.

Of course we can’t deny that the S6 was a wonder in its capacity. Starting from the upgraded camera up to a quicker chip and slimmer shell. Now let us take a loot at the future Samsung flagship.

First things, well, to begin the story with – the S7 could be jolting us with an upgraded processor. I know you will have high expectations for the specs but don’t worry.

The S7 – tagged as the Project Lucky – going by formidable speculation in the market right now is set to comprise of an Exynos 8890 chip (which is also known as the M1 Mongoose) taking a cue from Geekbench’s benchmark database.

Early tests have revealed that it can be said to be approximately 50% quicker for both single- and multi-core usage, this must be a good move for hardcore handset pushers. With this in mind, among what we are also expecting is a Snapdragon 820 which has come in handy for international variants of the next-up mobile.

Still, for those category impassioned to another variety of chip, some are of the opinion that the lowly microSD slot may be making a more than welcome return on the S7.


As ever with speculations flooding the pitches of our imagination,the screen on the S7 from what we are seeing gonna be a bomb, painting the expected merriment in words, it looks to be a super-duper, 4K flinging, fold-out flexer.

Seriously speaking here a foldable display could be among what is on the table of the S7. To say, that sort of bears a connection what you mean by foldable here. When we look at the flexaround screen of the S6 Edge, not much about it seem to entice us to go about anticipating a more extreme curve on the S7.


Notwithstanding , as LG came to learn with the curve on the G Flex, anything which is in excess of a subtle slant isn’t most appropriate for the pocket. Hence, fold it. Big reality – Samsung apparently have patented a fresh hinge system that would give users the opportunity to fold the fab phablet in half without difficulty, without a squeeze.


Flip phones might seem like rolling back into history in a dangerous roller coaster, but then it is evident if Samsung can bring to reality a device with the capacity of doubling display real estate in a wallet-like package that could easily slip into the pocket; for sure we should be expecting a great revolution of phone design in this inclination. FOLD-IT REAL GOOD Will Samsung’s upcoming mobile concept present a folding smartphone?


According to predictions, info surfacing of late has suggested that it yet could be all Edge. Yes, Vietnamese site Samsung Viet has added heat to this by revealing that S7 will drop standard screens altogether, and the be available only in the wraparound Edge variants bearing resemblance to the S6 Edge. But then what will be the size these curvy designs turn out? Well as it could be, the plain Edge model will be 5.2in, whilst an S7 Edge Plus would increase the dimensions up running into to 5.7in.



So, what day could you staple your expectations to as to getting this flipping power-phone? Solid news is circulating in heavy tides in the market about a possible change of strategy for the Korean mega-manufacturer.

As opposed to what it used to be in the time past when Samsung tied its product unveilings in with the major tech industry shows, the latest info suggests the emergence of the Next Great Range-Topper within months.

Some are of the opinion that it could be December, while others say January, but the general agreement in the market is towards a rather shocking shift towards a Christmas-time reveal of the S7.

Whether it would be running the Android Marshmallow’s roll-out or to slip in before the next Apple market-mangler, it would be a show of guts by Samsung – and with it coming closer to reality, it seems like it might just happen.

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