Twitter Is Suspending Accounts of Users Sharing Beheading Video

Terrorism is one deep embarrassment to our distinguished civilization. That one could gather dedicated muscles to make the eyes of the innocent a dam of tears, is truly ridiculous. Especially when one lays his life on the cheap altars of extremism- just to be a martyr of mediocrity is largely demeaning that even our pets wonder in their small educated times, whether we truly deserve the crown as kings of creation- because we are yet to have “terrorist animals”!

 Journalist James Foley in Iraq.

Journalist James Foley in Iraq.

The recent video of the alleged beheading of the American journalist, James Foley,  has been on the rave for sometime now. Except the gory graphic it entails, the nationality of the suspected deceased is a forbidden one too. Sadder is the fact that this was just an innocent journalist who had humbly chosen that we have satisfying information on our table to chew. As such transferring political grievances to one innocent soul is the not the best gong to beat, because it would only send dark echoes and defiled messages!

Twitter has taken curtailing responsibility for the rampant dispersion of the video, making sure the Islamic Militants don’t get all the ambitious global publicity they aim for. The social media company which had earlier beheaded accounts of those who tweeted the beheading videos warns that it would further suspend the account of users who engage in this terror-monger exercise. This is a sharp response to a cry to erase the popping graphic images from feeds.

Twitter CEO, Dick Costolo tweeted this heavy decision. Quoting Dick, “We have been and are actively suspending accounts as we discover them related to this graphic imagery. Thank you”.

Twitter notes in its Abusive Behavior Policy that it “does not screen content and does not remove potentially offensive content unless such content is in violation of the Twitter Rules and Terms of Service.” It also notes: ” Users may not make direct, specific threats of violence against others, including threats against a person or group on the basis of race, ethnicity, national origin, religion, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity, age, or disability. Targeted abuse or harassment is also a violation of the Twitter Rules and Terms of Service.”

This move could sound more humanitarian than professional as every user’s account is one embassy the twitter authority doesn’t invade. But this extreme approach is the right thing to be done.

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