Samsung and Barnes & Noble Launch Galaxy Tab 4 Nook

For sometime now, we have been noticing smoke from Samsung’s kitchens, and we suspected their engineers were cooking something. Now, we don’t have to salivate anymore as the delicacy is ready and steaming. Get your cutleries and purses ready for this meal.

samsung galaxy tab 4 nook unveiled

Samsung alongside Barnes and Noble unveiled the $179, 7-inch “Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 Nook brand tablet at an event in New York. This according to Barnes & Noble CEO Mike Huseby is the maiden Android tablet dedicated in depth to reading.

The device incorporates custom-branded Samsung Galaxy Tab 4, with a “Nook Store” app and a Barnes & Noble “Newsstand” app. This device is accompanied by apps for games, videos, and more emphasized for books. “It’s the first ever full-featured Android tablet designed for reading,” said B&N CEO Michael P. Huseby.

The move is a well decorated advertisement for the nook Platform. The device be ready in B&N stores as booksellers would be providing in-store sales as well as support, which doesn’t exclude app setup and book browsing. It is also expected to accommodate “in store reading,” which would present with the opportunity to surf through titles while in the store. We could be expecting this device to dig it out toughly with similar service providing tablets like Kindle Fire.

The Galaxy Tab 4 Nook is now available in stores and online for $179 subsequent the $20 rebate. Amazon offers it at same price just like other retailers.

Here’s a closer look at the awkwardly-named device:

samsung galaxy tab 4 nook

Get your cutleries and purses ready for this meal.

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