Tutorial : Preventing Firefox from Closing When You Close the Last Tab

The basic default operation of Firefox is, the moment you close the last open tab, the full browser will close. You should remember this. Now there are times some of us wish we could close the web page on the last open tab and yet still get Firefox running with it not closing. In that case, this tutorial is for you.

Rather than the custom of shutting the browser at any instance you close the last tab, choosing to disable this setting will usher in the functionality of the last tab reopening as well as displaying the New Tab page. It could be that you are against ending your browsing session, probably due to reasons that you intend being able to reopen closed tabs (the collection of recently closed tabs resets the moment you go about closing the browser). Or, it could be that you simply want to access without delay, the new tab page on the last opened tab.

The setting we will be disabling is necessarily not in the standard Firefox settings. No panic yet. There is no big complexity in finding it and changing it. To get to this setting, simply enter about:config in Firefox’s address bar after you could take Enter.

A message will show up I forming you that this could upset your warranty such that you should only proceed only when you are confident of what you are on to. Don’t fret brethren, so long you stick to instructions on this guide, you certainly will not get hurt, so select “I’ll be careful, I promise” to proceed.

Begin typing closeWindowWithLastTab in the Search box to locate the setting. The browser.tabs.closeWindowWithLastTab setting at its point should come on. The default operation is set to “true” which will go about closing the browser the moment you close the last tab.

Should you intend to disable this setting, you could double-click on it. Presented to you after this is the value changing to “false” with the entire setting displaying in bold, showing you that the Value isn’t set to the default any longer.

Okay, select the “Close tab” button appearing on the last open tab in Firefox.

Firefox will from now on remain open such that the last open tab will be able to reopen as well as showing the New Tab page. When you get bored of the changes you have made and want to revert Firefox to closing when you close the last tab, you could just double-click this setting again to make changes, turning the the Value back to “true”.

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