Microsoft announces it is aiming at two big Windows 10 updates in 2017

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Microsoft announces it is aiming at two big Windows 10 updates in 2017

It was just this week we reported here that Microsoft had began rolling out Windows 10’s Anniversary Update, Microsoft has quickly moved on planning for future updates for the operating system. A new blog post explaining in details update changes for IT professionals expatiates on Microsoft’s ambitions for Windows 10. “This will be our last feature update for 2016, with two additional feature updates expected in 2017,” says Microsoft’s Nathan Mercer.

It is well understandable that Microsoft is not giving definite details as to what particular features would be coming, but then the following big feature update to Windows 10 going by rumors would be released probably early next year. Carrying a code-name of “Redstone 2,” the Windows 10 update may end up clashing with hardware updates to Microsoft’s Surface Book and Surface Pro devices. Microsoft already has its hands on the desk working on Redstone 2, having already gone as far as internal builds being out for testing.

This week’s Anniversary Update (codenamed Redstone 1) will usher in the second major update to Windows 10 counting back from its introduction in 2015. And from the look of things, Microsoft is aiming at two major updates every year for Windows 10.

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