I’m going swimming with my Samsung Note 7, it is waterproof!

They say men don’t cry, so I wouldn’t say I cried but water (though some people prefer calling it tears) flowed from my eyes when my high-end phones mistakenly fall into water and go AWOL on me. I didn’t know why it took these smartphone designers so long to make these devices waterproof, did they think I should get a life jacket for my phone so that it doesn’t drown when it galls into a pool of water?

I'm going swimming with my Samsung Note 7, it is waterproof!

Thus I would unrelentingly commend Samsung for making the right decision waterproofing the Galaxy Note 7 just it did for the S7 Edge and the S7. What makes this juicier is that the Note 7 boasts IP68 rating. What this brings in is that the Note 7 is sealed against both dust and water. With this in place, Note 7 will not lose its brains running mad when dunk in the wet stuff, though this surely has a limited duration for which it is safe do so .

According to Samsung, the safety period is around 30 minutes in up to 1.5 meters of water. Water resistance brings in protection for your phone in case of water-based accidents, for the fact that Note 7 stands to be an investment, this is big news.

Even if one more lovely piece to this is that, it’s not only the phone that rocks this IP68 rating. The S Pen is equally waterproof, too.

I wouldn’t mind chatting in a swimming pool you know. And may be when I get the Note7, I could treat it like my kid, giving it a good bath at times.

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