Tutorial: How can you close all tabs at once in Safari in your iOS 10

When it comes to iOS 10, Safari is compatible with an unrestricted number of tabs. But then in the situation where you find yourself with just too many tabs open and intend to begin all afresh, we will present to you a shortcut with which you could close all your tabs; all of them at the same time.

Before this iOS 10, you had no other choice than to close each tab individually. Now in the case where you have too many tabs open, you will now see how much time it would take you to close them all up. Thus in this guide, we will be showing the means to all at once closing all your open tabs in Safari in iOS 10.

So to begin with, simply tap on the Safari icon on the Home screen.

You will have two places where you can close all your tabs. So when you are viewing your favorites page or webpage, simply tap after which you can hold on the tabs button. Can you see it, it is appearing in the lower-right corner of your screen.

Now if you want to close every tabs, simply click on “Close X Tabs” which you can see on the dialog box displaying where “X” stands for the count of tabs you have at present opened.

At this point, should you tap on the tabs button, the tab view interface will now show up. You can then close all the tabs when you just click and hold on “Done”.

This very dialog box will still show up when you tap and hold on the tabs button, just as aforementioned. So click on “Close X Tabs” if you choose to embark on closing every tab.

Good, although the way you closed the tabs doesn’t matter at all, you will be returned to the Favorites page following the closure of the tabs.

Well said, it has really been a while I have been waiting for this feature to be added, certainly you don’t doubt its usefulness especially pertaining to those of us who are really engrossed with opening a large number of tabs when we browse the internet.

Hope this tutorial was helpful.

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