Twitter will next week stop counting links and usernames against the 140 character limit

You will not argue much with me that the today internet user is not very much in love with Twitter’s 140 character limit which is yet one deep feature particular to Twitter as a mega micro blogging platform. Creators recorded impressive feats of really creating wonderful videos in just a span of 6 seconds (although Vine has for time now increased its time limit to 140 seconds).

Twitter will next week stop  counting links and usernames against the 140 character limit

According to reports, Twitter will start the process of making changes as to what counts towards the 140-character count. These changes will be initiated on Monday, September 19. With these changes in place, users will now be able to fit in some extras into their tweets as @usernames, GIFs, videos, links, as well as quoted tweets will stop being counted against the 140-character barrier.

Twitter had officially made the announcement back in May that it was making arrangement to enable these kind of of changes, just that as at May, there were less certainty as to when these changes would practically kick in.

Thus it is of importance noting that usernames will no longer count, only in the situation where they are positioned at the start of a tweet. Nonetheless, the same announcement also makes regards to tweets beginning with @usersnames which will seen by every of your followers rather that of the incumbent operating policy of showing interactions to just users who are in following all participants.

Yet we can’t for sure say if these changes will executed all at once as there is a notable amount of fresh features coming into the platform. We can only wait and see how precisely the update will tally with what we already have in hand now on Twitter and if the app version and web versions of the platform will enjoy updates before the other.

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