TUTORIAL: Enabling Right-Clicking on Web Sites That disallow the feature

Although for now, it is a waning practice among websites, some still make use of a HTML feature or JavaScript to realize the function of disabling right-clicking on their pages. It is not really a cool practice as we hope its leaves our civilization permanently but then for now we may have to find a way through these restrictions.

Enabling Right-Clicking on Web Sites That disallow the feature

Many of these sites could be subscribing to the belief that when they disable the context menu in your browser, it could serve the purpose of keeping you from making away illegally with their content. But then this is not always the case as disabling the context menu in your browser also brings in the inconvenience of cutting you from a bunch of other tools. While it is an option for you to just make the big move and possibly disable JavaScript in your browser, but that really cuts down on the efficiency of a good number of sites which make use of JavaScript in bringing out very helpful features. Rather than taking this path, Justnaira presents a means of how you could go about re-enabling right-clicking for very distinct pages you are viewing, and then a number of extensions that really hitch these sites’ capacity to install the limitation at first.

Enabling Right-Clicking as well as Copying on All Sites via means of a Browser Extension

Enabling Right-Clicking on Web Sites That disallow the feature

It is fair to say the JavaScript bookmarklet does an impressive job at re-enabling right-click on individual sites, it is yet a possibility that you may want another means probably as an extra option or better a more reliable person. This solution is a browser extension.

In Chrome, it would be advised to install RightToCopy extension. Trying to infer from the name, we see that it is way more than simply bringing about the right-clicking function. It also brings in text selection as well as making removals of text which the website probably have inserted into the text which you could have copied.

When it come to Firefox, get your hands on the RightToClick extension. Just in similarity to what we have with Chrome extension, RightToClick helps you realize functions like copying and selecting text. In addition to this, its gives you the functionality to exert control so that you don’t end up taking off features you actually want on board.

So there we are, however rare we get to see websites disabling right-clicking, those few times we encounter it is not really that convenient; but at least now you can find your way around it.

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