Taking a look at the specs of the new 4-inch iPhone SE

A 4-inch smartphone which is not too old to bring in very modern day specs

The iPhone SE is now available, taking its place alongside the 5.5-inch iPhone 6S and 4.7-inch iPhone 6S and Plus. The reality of this is that customers now have a choice to take from the three categories of handset sizes- and altogether three different price tags equally.
We can’t say any one is very cheap, but commendably for now, Apple has presented us a better affordable option in the mould of the iPhone SE.

Taking a look at the specs of the new 4-inch iPhone SE

Taking a look at the specs of the new 4-inch iPhone SE

Many at times I have come across persons trying to figure out what “SE” stands for. They ask could it be “Small Edition”, “Subtle Earmuff, or “Suitably Expensive” ? But in actual truth going by confirmation from Phil Schiller after Apple’s launch event, it is actually “Special Edition”. This is quite dicey but then it opens up the possibility of having the iPhone 7 SE later this year.

The iPhone SE bears close identity to the iPhone 5S, the iPhone whose replacement it actually is. The implication of this is that it presents physical home key, a premium metal body, as well as Touch ID and dimensions. So putting these all up, we see that it will comfortably fit into your palm, even pocket or your bag as the case may be.

Its measurement is of the size of 123.8mm x 58.6mm x 7.6mm, this is just the measurement for the iPhone 5S, coming at a weight of 113g (3.99 ounces). The Lightning connector port a3.5mm headphone jack, as well as speaker are all located on the bottom, and then the volume is up top as well as the slide switch and then the circular volume keys are found on the left.

There is the glossy appearance of the camera lens with the body, which is not the same as that protruding out like on its elder brothers. The iPhone SE comes with a bit more thickness than the 6S and 6S Plus, what this implies is that Apple has gotten their hands on a little more space to play with when it comes to compactly stuffing things in the 12MP iSight snapper.

Pertaining to colors, you can make your choice among silver, gold, space grey and rose gold.

iPhone SE display

Taking a look at the specs of the new 4-inch iPhone SE

Taking a look at the specs of the new 4-inch iPhone SE

The iPhone SE presents a 4-inch Retina display, this does well to make it very suitable for one handed use. The resolution didn’t change as it is kept at 1136 x 640, which is the very spec you get with the iPhone 5S, which boasts a pixel density of 326ppi.

There’s no 3D Touch however, which you can deservedly get on the 6S Plus and 6S .

iPhone SE power

Looking into it, we see an Apple A9 processor as well as M9 motion coprocessor inside the iPhone SE . These are the very chips we have in the 6S Plus and iPhone 6S .

The reality of this is that the iPhone SE has an increased speed of 30% than the handset it is taking after. So now if you have plans to leap from an old 4-inch iPhone to the new one, you are sure to figure out the difference.

You know Apple will never tell you the capacity of RAM it handsets pack, but then going by early Antutu benchmarks, there is the solid possibility it could be that which the iPhone SE has at 2GB of RAM inside – this places it at the same category with the 6S and 6S Plus.

Looking at the iPhone SE operating system

No big shocks here, the iPhone SE operates with iOS 9.3 – this is of course the latest operating system we have from Apple. This operating system was launched at the same time with this phone.

We can’t say it is the most delicious of software updates, but then this doesn’t stop it from bringing in improvements to Notes, News, Apple Health and Music in addition to the fresh intro of the Night Shift.

Night Shift will at once make adjustments to your screen temperature in the evening, this makes the display come warmer. According to Apple, this new addition could bring in help as to you sleeping much better should you be looking at your iPhone (or iPad) before sleep creeps in

iPhone SE camera

Taking a look at the specs of the new 4-inch iPhone SE

Taking a look at the specs of the new 4-inch iPhone SE

Just as much as we have in the iPhone SE which we see also in Apple’s two current flagships, is the 12MP iSight camera we have on this new iPhone. This feature brings in Live Photos, 4K video recording, Focus Pixels and true tone flash.

And then going to the front, we have a 1.2MP snapper for the purpose of your selfies as well as Facetime calls. We can say this is quite a let-down considering that the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus both boast 5MP front cameras.

Other features

We now have the NFC (mobile payment) in the iPhone SE, this gives you the capacities to make use of Apple Pay for contactless payments, This is one feature the iPhone 5S doesn’t have.

The release date of the iPhone SE

For now iPhone SE is now on sale.

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