Top Reasons Why People Unfollow You on Twitter [Infographic]

Twitter followers are very important and keeping these followers is another important task that must not be overlooked. Followers hate irrelevant tweets, so in order not to make your audience hit their ‘Unfollow’ button you must make relevant and interesting tweets. Though tweeting of irrelevant content is not the only reason for audience to hit their ‘unfollow’ button, there are several reasons why people unfollow your Twitter account, such as: too much of self promotion, too much automation, spamming, repetition, too many begging tweets and etc.

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So today, I want to share an educative infographic that explains the top 15 reasons why people unfollow you on twitter, so if you consider this reasons carefully and practice them you will save yourself from the mistakes many brands have make in the past to get people unfollow them.


Not everyone will like your updates on Twitter, so being unfollowed on Twitter is going to happen. The best way to minimize the numbers of those who unfollow you is to understand what makes your followers happy, engaged, and excited about your practice. Once you do that, you’ll be seeing many more followers than unfollowers.

Other than the reasons stated in the infographic above, what will make you unfollow someone on Twitter?

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