Top Commentators Widget with Avatar for Bloggers

Top commentators widget is a great widget that is good for bloggers to have on their blogs. This is a good widget that can make your blogger blog look professional since it is a WordPress widget converted for bloggers.


Top Commentators widget shows the name of the top commentators on your blog with their avatar in a round shape. This widget encourages readers to drop more comment on your blog since they want their name with their blog link to appear on the top list of commentators. A blogger can also use this widget to run a top commentator contest on their blog and give the runner up a gift.

Some Features of Top Commentator Widget

• Auto get commentator avatars • Replace anonymous avatar by a default icon • Have language and media define in script that allow you can modify everything easily • Display the number of each commentator and a link to his/her latest comment on your blog. • Dynamic CSS that’s compatible with various blog make up. • Exclude Admin and Anonymous comments. Below is a generator that any blogger can easily use to add this widget to their blog with a click of a button

Generator to Install Top Commentators Widget with Avatar on Blogger Blog

1. Customize the widget generator as you wish. 2. Now click on Generate button 3. Finally, click on Add to Blogger button to add top commentator widget to your blog. If you need help, use the comment box.

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