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Education is one of the core foundations for development and every nation in the world is aware of this. This is why Nigeria like every other country in the world strives to educate its citizens by making materials that would add to knowledge and development available and accessible. One place this knowledge can be found is in libraries and below are some of the best in the country.

Centre for Learning Resources (CLR)

The library at the Covenant University in Ota, is one of the best libraries in Nigeria today. The name of the library is the “Centre for Learning Resources” or CLR. The CLR has a lot of equipment for ICT which is sure to guarantee an enjoyable experience for users of the library. The library currently has a new internet server that runs throughout the day. In the multimedia section within the library, there are TVs, and machines that can record or play videos for viewers.

The services that the library offers those who wish to use it are as follows: computer literacy, internet literacy, information literacy, e-resources, literature search, bibliographic instruction, citation styles, library searching, educational video/documentary resources, selective dissemination of information, virtual access, on-line public access catalogue and so much more. You can also get training on any of the services that have been outlined above. This library is reputed to be one of the best in Africa.

Nnamdi Azikiwe Library

The Nnamdi Azikiwe Library was established in the year 1960 and it is located within the campus of the University of Nigeria Nsukka. At first the library had books and materials amounting to a total sum of twelve thousand at the beginning, however, the number of books have been increased significantly over the years. Today, the library has volumes of books and journals that amount to about seven hundred thousand (700,000) or even about a million (1,000,000) as the collections in the library were growing by twenty thousand (20,000) volumes every year between 1964 – 1967. The library has collections from a lot of places including international corporations.

The Nnamdi Azikiwe Library is one of the very first libraries in Nigeria to have ICT facilities within its structures to facilitate faster access to information or data.

Laz Otti Memorial Library (LOML)


The next best library in Nigeria is a library in Babcock University which is known as the Laz Otti Memorial Library (LOML). The volume of books and journals held by the library is close to sixty-seven thousand, five hundred and nineteen (67,519) and they are cover various disciplines. The foundation upon which the library stands on which happens to be the Technical Services Department is responsible for the checking of and analyzing of data that are newly gotten to make sure they are important and add to knowledge before these books are sent into the library shelves.

Also, once the library gains acquisition of new books or journals they display them in an area where people who use the library can easily find and access them. Within Babcock University, the library has six subdivisions.

University of Ilorin (UNILORIN) Library

The library in the University of Ilorin was opened in the month of May, 1976 – the same year the university was established. The first person to serve as the librarian of the university library was Mr. B. A. Oni Orisan who officially began his duties in August the same year the library was opened. The library comprises of the Main Library and its extensions: the College Library in the Mini Campus in the College of Health Sciences as well as the Law Library in the Faculty of Law in the university’s Main Campus.

Within this library is an audio-visual section where one can watch directories or listen to academic materials that are recorded in audio formats. The library is open to not only students in the university but also people who are looking for materials that will help them in their research work.

Obafemi Awolowo University, Ife (OAU) Library

Another one of the best libraries in Nigeria is the one in Obafemi Awolowo University (OAU) which is called the Hezekiah Oluwasanmi Library. The library has two multiple storey annexes which are located in a strategic way at the very core of the university campus. The library has a total capacity 2,500 seats and it has a wide variety of books, journals, and documents that are academically inclined. A lot of publications from the United Nations and its Agencies such as UNESCO and ECA are been placed within the library’s structures. Collections in the library comprise of more than 300,000 titles and 762,000 volumes of monographs, government publications, theses and audio-visual materials as well as 1,000 journals that are in hard copy.

Users of the library can easily access it though the library’s Online Public Access Catalogue (OPAC) which has aided in the conversion of the library’s collections to electronic materials.

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