Top 5 beaches in Nigeria

“All work and no play” they say, “makes Jack a dull boy.” If you are a workaholic, I suggest you should take some time and relax and do something besides work – live a little. To enjoy a really good time on your own or with your family, below are some beaches in Nigeria you should visit.

Ibeno beach, Akwa Ibom

The Ibeno Beach is a beach in Ibeno local government area in Akwa Ibom State in the South-East part of Nigeria. The beach happens to be one of the locations that tourists visit in the country. The shorelines of the Ibeno Beach in Akwa Ibom are linked in the south to the Atlantic Ocean. Ibeno Beach also happens to be the longest sand beach there is the whole of West Africa.

Around the Ibeno Beach, there is a bar where people who visit can get some cold and refreshing drinks to help them relax and have a good time. The surrounding around the beach is cozy and welcoming. The water in the beach is very good for swimming. From the beach, you can get a good view of the Gulf of Guinea and there are two hotels around – Bexco Guesthouse and Sunrise Hotel and Resort.

Port Harcourt Tourist beach


The Port Harcourt Tourist Beach is another of the really cool beaches that we have in Nigeria. It really isn’t a natural beach, rather it is an artificial one and it is located along Kolabi creek in Port Harcourt. Around the beach area is a really nice bar and hub where people can get any refreshing drinks they would like to have. There is also a restaurant around the beach, one from which you can purchase palm wine, some local cuisines and even get entertained.

Furthermore, there is a bulwark on the beach to keep the beach from washing away of course. People who visit the beach get to see an exhibition of wildlife (wild animals living in a controlled habitat), they can also visit the museum and see some pretty cool stuff or they could even go into the games room and play some games.

Calabar Beach


The next really awesome beach in Nigeria is the Calabar Beach which is located at the very mouth of the Calabar river in Calabar, Cross River State. From the positioning of the beach, it is one of those beaches that is secluded and because of this the beach is best suited for people who are not much for exposure. Therefore, if you are an individual who enjoys privacy as much as I do, then this is one really good place for you, besides the scenery at the beach is quite attractive.

To reach the Calabar Beach, one must travel by boat or by canoe, that’s how secluded the beach is and the only way one can gain access to it. If you haven’t travelled by water before, well here’s your chance.

Coconut Beach Badagry


The next best beach on our list is the Coconut Beach in a town in the coast of Badagry, Lagos State. This beach is located in a place that has a lot of coconut trees surrounding it. also, the beach is close to 20 miles away from the border that is set between Nigeria and Benin Republic. This is a really great place for couples to visit especially ones who want to have a certain kind of spark or excitement in their relationship. The view around the beach is fascinating and there are a lot of things you can get into while at the beach. Some of these activities include hiking, hunting, swimming, and even ocean fishing. Also, you can ride on horses and play water sports.



This is another one of the beaches in Nigeria that is somewhat secluded. The Ilashe Beach has a creek that is located just behind it. Swimming is not very much encouraged at the Ilashe Beach because the beach is connected to the Atlantic Ocean. Be that as it may, people who visit the beach can get into other stuff like skiing. You can jet-ski or even water ski in the saline water of the creek that is behind the beach or you can just sit or lie down and relax because the beach is really a place for relaxation. Privacy and seclusion are the major features of this beach, people can just go here for vacation or just to escape the busy nature of the city.

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