Top 30 Highest Earning Websites 2012

One of the best places to make money is the online market. Today, am presenting you the list of the top 30 earning websites in the world, and what baffles me most is that some of these websites make up to $50 million in revenue a day, isn’t that much? See what these websites make in revenue per seconds below.


1) Google

Founders : Larry Page and Sergey Brin
Revenue/sec : $691.29
Annual Revenue: $22,000,000,000

Google is the #1 in this list. Google Search, is the most-used search engine on the World Wide Web, receiving several hundred million queries each day through its various services.

2) Amazon

Founder : Jeff Bezos
Revenue/sec : $607.05
Annual Revenue : $19,200,000,000 is the world’s largest online retailer of electronic commerce company having headquarters in Washington, United States.

3) Yahoo

Founder : Jerry Yang and David Filo
Revenue/sec : $228.31
Annual Revenue : $7,200,000,000

Yahoo provides web portal, search engine (Yahoo! Search), Yahoo! Directory, Yahoo! Mail, Yahoo! News, Yahoo! Groups, Yahoo! Answers, advertising, online mapping, video sharing website and services.

4) eBay

Founder : Pierre Omidyar
Revenue/sec : $ 199.45
Annual Revenue : $ 6,300,000,000, is an online auction and shopping website in which people and businesses buy and sell a broad variety of goods and services worldwide.

5) Msn/Live

Founder : Nathan Myhvoid
Revenue/sec : $102.00
Annual Revenue : $ 3,200,000,000

Online service provider of Microsoft’s internet services and products.

6) PayPal

Founder : Luke Nosek, Max Levchin and Peter Thiel
Revenue/sec : $71.40
Annual Revenue : $2,250,000,000

PayPal is a global e-commerce business allowing payments and money transfers to be made through the internet, allowing online transactions

7) iTunes

Founder : Jeff Robin
Revenue/sec : $60.00
Annual Revenue : $1,900,000,000

The iTunes Store is a software-based online digital media store operated by Apple Inc.

8) Rueters

Founder : Marshal Vace
Revenue/sec : $60.00
Annual Revenue : $1,900,000,000

International new Agency working as a provider of financial market data

9) Priceline

Founder : Jesse Fink
Revenue/sec : $59.6
Annual Revenue : $1,850,000,000

Priceline is a commercial website which helps users obtain discount rates for travel-related items such as airline tickets and hotel stays.

10) Expedia

Founder : Added Mark Schroeder
Revenue/sec : $46.00
Annual Revenue : $1,450,000,000

Expedia is an Internet-based travel website based in the US with localized sites for 22 countries. It books airline tickets, hotel reservations, car rentals, cruises, vacation packages and various attractions and services via the World Wide Web and telephone travel agents.

11) NetFlix

Founder : Reed Hastings
Revenue/sec : $38.00
Annual Revenue : $1.100.000,000

Netflix is an American provider of on-demand Internet streaming media.

12) Travelocity

Founder : Terry Jones
Revenue/sec : $ 38.00
Annual Revenue : $1,100,000,000

Travelocity is the sixth-largest travel agency in the United States and the second-largest online travel agency.

13) Zappos

Founder : Nick Swinmurn
Revenue/sec : $31.70
Annual Revenue : $1,000,000,000 is an online shoe and apparel shop currently based in Henderson, Nevada.


Founder : David Litman
Revenue/sec : $31.70
Annual Revenue : $1,000,000,000 is a website for booking hotel rooms online and by telephone. The company has 85 websites in 34 languages, and lists over 145,000 hotels in approximately 19,000 locations

15) AOL

Founder : Erik Prince
Revenue/sec : $30.50
Annual Revenue : $960,000,000

AOL is an American global Internet services and media company, providing best range of Software suits to its users.

16) Orbitz

Founder : Jeff Katz
Revenue/sec : $28.00
Annual Revenue : $870,000,000

Orbitz is a leading online travel company that enables travelers to research, plan and book a broad range of travel products, facilitating 1.5 million flight searches and one million hotel searches every day.

17) Overstock

Founder : Robert Brazell
Revenue/sec : $27.00
Annual Revenue : $834,000,000

Online retailer of many brands.

18) Myspace

Founder : Tom Anderson
Revenue/sec : $ 25.00
Annual Revenue : $800.000.000

Social networking site

19) Skype

Founder : Niklas Zennstrom
Revenue/sec : $18.00
Annual Revenue : $550,840,000

Skype provides an online voice software system, The service allows users to communicate with peers by voice, video, and instant messaging over the Internet. Phone calls may be placed to recipients on the traditional telephone networks. Calls to other users within the Skype service are free of charge, while calls to landline telephones and mobile phones are charged.

20) Sohu

Founder : Zhang Chaoyang
Revenue/sec : $14.00
Annual Revenue : $430,000,000

Sohu is a Chinese company that offer advertising, a search engine, online multiplayer gaming and other services.


Founder : Robb Brock
Revenue/sec : $12.68
Annual Revenue : $400,000,000 is an online retailer. It began by selling computers and electronics and has expanded itself offering many other categories

22) StubHub

Founder : Eric Baker
Revenue/sec : $13.00
Annual Revenue : $ 430,000,000

StubHub is an online marketplace owned by eBay, which provides services for buyers and sellers of tickets for sports, concerts, theater and other live entertainment events.

23) Alibaba

Founder : Jack Ma
Revenue/sec : $10.00
Annual Revenue : $315,000,000

Aliibaba is known as the world’s largest Online Business to business trading platform for small businesses

24) Facebook

Founder : Mark Zuckerberg
Revenue/sec : $9.50
Annual Revenue : $300,000,000

Biggest social networking site

25) YouTube

Founder : Chad Hurley, Jawed Karim and Steve Chen
Revenue/sec : $ 9.50
Annual Revenue : $300,000,000

Online Video sharing platform.

26) Blue Nile

Founder : Mark Vadon
Revenue/sec : $9.40
Annual Revenue : $295,000,000

Blue Nile Inc. is an online specialty retailer of fine jewelry. Its the largest online retailer of diamonds at the moment.

27) Tripadvisor

Founder : Stephen Kaufer
Revenue/sec : $8.20
Annual Revenue : $ 250,000,000 is a travel website that assists customers in gathering travel information, posting reviews and opinions of travel-related content and engaging in interactive travel forums.

28) Getty Images

Founder : Mark Getty
Revenue/sec : $7.40
Annual Revenue : $230,000,000

It is a supplier of stock images for business and consumers with an archive of 80 million still images and illustrations and more than 50,000 hours of stock film footage.

29) Bidz

Founder : Garry Itkin
Revenue/sec : $6.70
Annual Revenue : $200,000,000 an online auction and shopping website in which people and businesses buy and sell a broad variety of goods and services worldwide

30) NYTimes

Founder : Henry Jarvis Raymond
Revenue/sec : $6.00
Annual Revenue : $ 175,000,000

the New York Times (NYT) is an American daily newspaper and Its website is the most popular American online newspaper website, receiving more than 30 million unique visitors per month.

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