This year, Android emoji will finally look human

Of all the errors that have ransacked Android, none seem more out-of-place to me than the abnormally figurative emoji which were kind of alien figure Google gave us. Worse is the trouble when you move these emojis between platforms. Finally it is really relieving to hear that Google is fixing it up for good.

This year, Android emoji will finally look human

This time around, we will be having real human emojis for humans to use as Google has initiated emojis that really have human faces and realer features.

As a feature of the Android N, we will have Google now rolling out emojis almost completely depicting humans. These look cool and nice even bringing in appealing colours and shapes in resemblance of humans. This ideally agree with the supposed functions of emojis. I think they should basically denote the human expression you have in mind to transmit to the recipient; and there is no better way to do this than with real human faces.

An example of this improvement is the dancer emoji. In place of the old one which try to tell us that aliens could be fun and romantic, we now have a real human character dancing.

It is more human now

Another juicy improvement to come along is the ability to even change the skin tone of the human emoji. There has been so much clamour for this and it is cool to see Google finally conceding to it. This time last year, Apple had added it to iOS.

So should you be using Google’s developer preview of Android N, you could try your hands on the fresh emoji today if you have updated it to the most recent version. But if you don’t, you would have to patiently wait till possibly October (which is Google’s normal release schedule) to have it like everyone else.

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