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If you have any complaint about your contact with any police officer, just use the COMPLAINT RESPONSE UNIT, CRU of the Nigeria Police Force. They are very effective and always ready to help.


Getting assaulted by Police is a normal thing in Nigeria, even when you’ve done no wrong. From personal experience, I have been assaulted by SARS and two corporals on two different occasions.

The first experience – I was driving and these Toyota Hilux van  blocked me. Afterward 2 men dropped from the van, knocked my car window and requested to enter. I obeyed, they sat down and asked me to follow them. To cut the long story short, I demanded to be taken to a police station instead of the tour. The result of my talk was heavy beating with slap coming from every angle. At the end, I was handcuffed and thrown inside their van.

When I called my relatives and Lawyer,  they told them I insulted them (SARS) and demanded N50,000 bail. They later resolved to N10,000. It was a weekend and I can’t afford to sleep inside the smelly cell.

When they release me, I talked to them nicely as if nothing had happened. I then demanded for the phone number of one of them, but inside, I want these guys get punished for what they did to me. So when I got home, I ran the corrupt officer’s number via Facebook search and was able to get his name.  I then ran a check on Google to see where corrupt officers could be reported, but luckily for me was just launched, I quickly submitted a report.

To my amazement these officers located my Lawyer’s office and asked him if he ever wrote a petition against them. He said No, but the guy did himself. They begged him to call me. When I arrived, they were prostrating and asking me my demand. What I asked for was my money and an apology for the beating. The GOOD NEWS IS, THEY RETURNED MY MONEY INSTANTLY. Thanks to StopTheBribes. Although I was not contacted for further detail.

My relatives did not believe this story until they called the Lawyer to confirm.

Second experience  – arrested by two drunk corporals. Oga-at-the-top punish them for the act. It’s always interesting if you know the Ogas.

A friend told me the COMPLAINT RESPONSE UNIT is very active, so I decided to share it with this blog readers who may have any complaints about their contact with any police officers.

Don’t feel helpless whenever you come across some silly elements in the Nigeria Police Force. You can contact the COMPLAINT RESPONSE UNIT via SMS, Call, BBM, Email, Facebook, twitter and Whatsapp.


Note: For your safety, don’t report before the corrupt officer. Remember this is NIGERIA.

Share your experience with corrupt offices via the comments section.

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