They Started Small but Later Create Big Business Empires

They were small, but their vision was big. The size of your business today doesn’t limit your future. Enjoy the collections of some entrepreneurs that started small but have created big business empires.

Sam Walton
Sam Walton came from humble beginnings as a retailer with only one store. He created Walmart, now the largest private employer in the nation.

Mark Zuckerberg
Mark Zuckerberg went from coding in a Harvard dorm to creating Facebook now with over 1 billion users..

Michael  Dell
Michael  Dell started by selling computer parts from his dorm room at the  University of Texas
Walt Disney
Walt Disney founded an empire on two visions,  feature length animated movies and family focused amusement parks
Larry Ellison
Larry Ellison founded Oracle based on his database program written for the CIA. His success is no secret.
Russell Simmons
Russell Simmons is the premier hip-hop merchant who founded Def Jam Records and Phat Farm Clothing.
Lynda Resnick rode
Lynda Resnick rode her marketing skills to become a serial entrepreneur by starting Teleflora, Fiji Water and Palm.
Mary Kay Ash
Mary Kay Ash created a cosemetic business which gave thousands of women a pathway to business ownership.
Jeff Bezos
Jeff Bezos set out to create America’s largest bookstore, Amazon, but it grew to become one of America’s largest retailers.
Wolfgang Puck
Wolfgang Puck brought glamour to pizzas and built a restaurant empire.

Martha Stewart
Martha Stewart began as a caterer and now helps domestic godesses all over America.

Fred Deluca
Fred Deluca founded Subway to float his tuition boat for college.

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