MTN Who Called Service, MTN Notify Me Service ( New Features )

MTN Who Called
This is a free missed call alert service that provides you with details of calls you missed while your phone was switched off or out of network coverage. You will receive a free SMS message with details of the caller’s phone number, the number of missed calls from that number and the date and time of the last call as shown here:
Y’ello! You have 1 missed call from +2348031234567 received at: 03:05:2011 12:21:13.

MTN Notify Me Service

With the MTN Notify Me service, you will get notifications through an SMS message when a phone number you previously could not reach becomes available on the network. An example is shown below:

Y’ello! +2348031234567 is now available. You may now dial the number.

This is ideal for families and businesses guaranteeing close contact with loved ones, staff or business associates. Other benefits include:

* Never missing an important call as you will be notified via SMS about all missed calls even while you are roaming your mobile phone.

* Knowing when a number that was unreachable becomes available on the network.

* Having a list of missed call notifications from which you can choose which numbers to call back.

MTN Missed Call Alert Services: Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get the service?

* To activate MTN Who Called, text SET 01 to 100. The cost is FREE

* To activate MTN Who Called and Notify Me, text SET 02 to 100. The cost is FREE

How do I know if I already have the service activated on my phone?

* You can check if you already have the service by texting the word STATUS to 100

How do I cancel the service?

* To cancel the service, text the word DELETE to 100
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