Browse Free On Your Phone And PC With Airtel New Free Browsing Offer!

Can I hear someone say thank you Airtel. Airtel has allowed all Nigerians to browse free for a month. This will be given to those who care to receive it. I believe there is no service provider that can do this for Nigerians. To get this free offer from Airtel, follow these steps.

Step1. Text ‘SOCIALMONTH’ without space and quote to 440, after sending the text, you will receive a message from 0802 telling you to wait.

Step2. Wait for some few minutes, then you will receive another message from 0802 telling you that you have been given 1024mb of data bundle. It could be more than that because I have seen people that receive 2gb and 3gb, it depends on your luck.

Step3. Now dial *141*712*0# on your phone and you will see that you have been given 1024mb or more.

N: B- You don’t need to have money on your phone to do this, you can get this service with #0.00 on your phone and if you are having money on your phone, it won’t be deducted.
You can as well remove the sim and put it inside your modem to browse on your PC. The 1gb will last for a month.

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