Sure Free ways To Generate Traffic For Your Affiliate Products

Am listing here some free ways you can make use to generate traffic to your affiliate website. These methods are working, but you have to work hard. We all know nothing comes easy.


Article marketing

Article marketing is the oldest and best way to advertise and drive traffic to your affiliate marketing website or product. Article marketing helps you build backlinks to your affiliate marketing website, and it also helps you drive quality targeted traffic to your site. Simply write articles about the product or service your trying to promote, and submit it to as many article directories as you can. Some of the best article directories are ezinearticles, article dashbord and article base. You can also make use of web 2.0 sites like Squidoo and Hub Page to publish your articles. Article marketing is all free, and all the big affiliate marketers agree that article marketing is the most powerful and effective way for advertising online. Don’t forget that every time you write an article, make sure you put a link in it to your website, so interested people can visit and hopefully buy the product your promoting.


Another great way to advertise your website is to join related forums. For example if your promoting weight loss products, join forums that are about this topic. People on these forums are already looking for products to help them lose weight, so it makes it a whole a lot easier for you to promote your product. But you need to be careful. You can’t make people buy things from you by spamming and over promoting yourself. Be helpful to others, and try to answers questions, without always promoting your product. And make sure to put a link pointing to your site in your signature.

Social networking

These days social networking sites are busier than ever. Social networking is a great way to advertise your affiliate marketing website. Register with sites like Twitter, Facebook, Google + and etc, and start networking with others. Find people interested in what you have to offer, and try to be helpful to them. Don’t make the mistake of many people who start promoting their stuff heavily as soon as they arrive. Take your time, establish yourself as an authoritative and trusted person on topics related to the product you’re promoting.

These are some free ways to promote and drive traffic to your affiliate marketing website. Though free, these methods are some of the best and most effective ways that you can utilize to advertise and grew your affiliate marketing business. Take advantage of these great free advertising methods, and soon enough you will be making money with affiliate marketing.

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