Apple, planning to upgrade its Apple Watch

Reports have reached us from our sources that Apple is making plans to make a change to the Apple Watch. Our sources say that there will soon be a model that substitutes the physical button that the current model has with one that offers haptic feedback, just as it is with the upgraded home button that was introduced in the iPhone 7 a few years ago.

We got a tip that cited a source that had direct knowledge of the plans made by Apple and according to the tip we got, Apple intends to retain the configuration buttons that are already existent on the Apple Watch, although the difference is that they won’t make any physical movements. Rather, they would depend on Apple’s Taptic Engine to respond to the touch of the user. The report also stated that the digital crown will still move physically in order to scroll.

In 2015, Apple modified its products beginning with the MacBook Pro’s Force Touch Trackpad and in the year 2016, the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus. In both of these devices, parts that moved physically were substituted with exteriors that when pressed, simulated the feel one would have if they clicked on a physical button and this was done with the use of the Taptic Engine. Although this modification took some time to be used to, the advantage was that there was one less thing that could break physically. Furthermore, it assisted the company in making the iPhone water resistant. This is the same initiative that is at play with the Apple Watch. Apple had put in a lot of effort in making the Apple Watch water resistant so they can suit swimmers and athletes. The removal of the physical button could create space for an even larger battery, allowing the device to last a bit longer.

The information we have regarding when the change will be done is vague. Apple normally announces its new hardware by the fall, and according to our source, the new device will be part of it, if not, it could arrive in 2019.

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