AMD teases 32-core Threadripper processor later this year

Only after a few hours after Intel stated that they were going to release a 5GHz 28-core processor, AMD is at the moment teasing the public that it is working to produce a processor that is four cores better than Intel’s processor with its new 32-core chip. According to the report that we got from our sources, the second generation of AMD’s Threadripper processors will indeed be a variant of the greatest possible degree combining four 8-core Ryzen dies together to create a unified and enormous 32-core part. This gigantic Threadripper can take on 64 processing threads at a time, making the core count as well as the capability double that of the original Threadripper and what’s more interesting is that it can still fit into the same motherboard socket that the first generation Threadripper could fit into.

The only information that we got from AMD regarding the details of the processor at Computex were that the second generation Threadripper will be built using a 12nm process and that it will also be made available by the third quarter of this very year so people can get them.

By the end of the presentation that AMD made, one of our sources was able to get a good look of the default cooler for this new high and mighty Threadripper and even took a picture of it. As depicted by the image, we found that the heatsink was assisted by a heatpipe, was made by Cooler Master, and we also discovered that it won’t come in the box with the Threadripper. Be that as it may, it is a representation of the kind of cooling system that any user of a computer system would need to keep their system running. But then again, the individuals who are or will be interested in a 32-core colossus for their system will almost certainly have water-cooled rigs.

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