The Apps you need to get your new iPhone bubbling

Congrats, you have gotten your new iPhone, you probably have unwrapped your soft iPhone, you also could have read through the follow-come guide Apple provides as to setting things up in your iPhone.

Now the next thing you should be looking at is which apps you should get installed in your new iPhone. Well fret not, Justnaira has compiled some basic apps you should have on your new iPhone. We would not talk about Facebook as you already know that is very basic. Let us look briefly at the other ones.


Of course you will agree with us that this is one of the most famous messaging apps in the globe at present. You surely need this app to chat with your friends even those who don’t have iPhones. You just need their phone contacts.


Well although Twitter owns its indigenous app for iOS, we think this Tweetbot is preferable. Tweetbot presents very efficient muting tools with an increasing focus user-experience which definitely exceeds that you which you will get on Twitter’s app. We can confidently say Tweetbot is one of the most reliable ways to tweet on a mobile platform.


We must commend Snapchat for its impressive growth in 2015, as the social media platform rolled in groups, cloud photo storage, and then the amazing hardware product Spectacles. Yet the very app is wonderful as it allows you to keep an eye out for stories from your friends as well as sending your very snaps.


The sad truth is Apple’s built-in email app is not really the best you can get. Certainly Microsoft’s Outlook app is clearly preferable. So for your iPhone, we would advise you download outlook if you want that lovely faster email experience.


As to the category of major social networking apps, we can’t end the list without mentioning Instagram. You are surely going to love the square-cropped, filtered photos you can produce with the Instagram app. The Instagram app gives you the opportunity to send friends your heart’s content and basically those lovely stuff you are having as meals.


And then this can be said to be one of the dazzling apps of the year. Google did great work with this Google’s Motion Photos app. If it is the iPhone 6s or iPhone 7 you happen to have, certainly you need this app at least for its capacity to turn Apple’s Live Photos into animated GIFs. Sure the fun is indefinite when sharing them with friends.

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